Programmer walking

My name is Marcin Wojtczak

I work in the industry for over nine years. Currently, I hold the position of Frontend Lead at the Startup Development House. Apart from managing other developers, I also help our clients in building their product MVPs and selecting the best technologies to do the job.

I am a big advocate of remote work and all the cultural changes that come with it. I spend most of my free time checking different coffee shops together with my lovely fiancée. I also listen to podcasts and read non-fiction books focused mostly on business and management.

What I Do

As a senior developer and a manager in a software house focused on startups I often wear many hats. Most of the time I am focused on following areas:

Development of MVPs for our early-stage clients
Consulting and advising about technologies
Actively helping sales team on calls with clients
Managing team of Javascript developers
Introducing programming best practices
Improving every-day work quality and standards

What people say about me

I need to admit that I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Marcin. I had a real pleasure to work with him for a few months during our adventure at Deutsche Telekom UK. Already at the time I found him as someone with great experience and deep understanding of modern front-end technologies stack. Marcin is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and very capable. Apart from his open mind and great to-do attitude, Marcin was driving many positive changes in dev team's workflow, introducing new tools and practices that we have adopted to our daily routine. I wish him all the best and strongly recommend him as a candidate for a solid member of every development team!

Tomasz LibichTechnical Lead Engineer at RBS / NatWest

I had the pleasure of having Marcin as my team leader for over a year while working at Startup Development House. Marcin is not only a highly skilled engineer, but also a great mentor. He easily spreads his knowledge and passion to others. He always tries to listen to what other people say and help in every way. Amazing human being, empathic, fun and easy-going. I wholeheartly recommend Marcin for any leadership, team management or engineering role.

Wojciech CichoradzkiSenior Backend Developer at Pronos